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WAN Summit New York

The brief

We were tasked with producing a highlight video at the Wan Summit in New York. As part of the brief we were also asked to capture all the keynote presentations. During the event we came up with the idea of producing video content for the event sponsors. This has now developed into a video package that our client sells onto their sponsors, providing them with an additional revenue stream for each event.

"Thank you so much!!! The social versions you created are perfect and the full sessions look great. You've saved me so much time, it's been really great working with you all."

- Jess Horner, Marketing Manager, WAN Summit

Other videos part of this project

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Our price guide

Whilst every project is unique and is priced accordingly. Having a rough indication of costs can help to save you time in your decision making process. This guide provides information on the different videos that we produce and their respective costs.

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