Sky Media Viewing figure update

Author: Seven

Posted on: 23rd July 2020

The July edition of the Sky Media Viewing figure update can be seen in full below. We have also pulled out a couple of key stats below. 

Over the lockdown period, it is evident that TV plays an important role in people lives, with TV viewing on average seeing 5 hours per day with the biggest increase in the age bracket in the 16-34 year olds.

With sports returning to our screens, With the final day of the First Test, and the continuation of the F1 and Premier League seasons, yesterday saw Sky Sports take its biggest-ever daily share of commercial viewing for Individuals, Men and ABC1

Since the BARB panel changed in 2010 (it was also the second-highest ever for 16-34s after PL restart day). Sky’s restart games are now +21% higher than the pre-lockdown season average.

Sky Media Viewing Figure Update

Sky Media Viewing Update - July 2020-1

Sky Media Viewing Update - July 2020-2

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