The importance of video case studies & testimonials

Author: Paul Sherwood

Posted on: 4th November 2019


I think building trust these days online, in particular, can be a bit of a minefield. It's not always easy to tell if a company is authentic. If they are who they say they are, and if they'll do what they say they'll do.

However, I feel if you have a series of video testimonials, or video case studies from credible clients, talking about tangible results that they've had as a direct impact of engaging with your company, that can really help to alleviate any concerns that any potential clients may have.

Authenticity is crucial as people buy from brands that they trust, and the same goes for online. By using things like video testimonials, it really helps to add that credibility to your website and that authenticity to your brand. When you're planning who you're gonna film your video testimonials with, it is integral to identify who your ideal client is, and to make sure the clients that you film those testimonials with replicate the ideal client.

For example, if you're looking to engage with more clients in the financial sector, then film a video case study with an existing client in that sector. People don't necessarily like to be sold to, so why not get your clients to do it for you? You need to dig a little deeper with your clients and really focus on the tangible results that they've experienced directly from engaging with your company.

For example, have you increased their revenue? If so, by how much? By focusing on these results, and using facts and figures, it makes your company much more desirable to potential clients. Don't be afraid to tackle any concerns or doubts that potential clients may have.

So, for example, one of our clients may say something along the lines of "before we engaged with Seven Videos, we were slightly worried they may be too expensive. However, although they weren't the cheapest company out there, they managed to deliver a return on our investment of 10 to one whilst increasing our sales by 10%".

Thereby turning a potential negative into a positive. A great place to start is by identifying which of those current clients are you working with already and what are those tangible results that they've experienced as a direct result from working with your company?

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