Author: Paul Sherwood

Posted on: 6th November 2019


Here at Seven we help to drive engagement with our client's target audience and we do that through the power of storytelling and by bringing their brand to life.

Video's so much more accessible nowadays than when it was when we first set up Seven about six years ago.

That's mainly down to the advances in technology. So you only have to look at the high-speed broadband, the advances in mobile technology. It's just allowing people to consume video on a regular basis wherever they want.

I mean it goes without saying how important Google is and how integral it is for people to generate leads. And I feel there are so many businesses out there that are trying to get to the top of those Google rankings.

Many SEO experts talk about the importance of dwell times and bounce rates when it comes to your Google rankings.

The bounce rate is the percentage of people that access a page on your website through Google and then leave immediately without going anywhere else. So by having a video on that particular page, it helps people to engage with your brand and to want to find out more and to have a look around your site.

Dwell time is basically how long somebody spends on a page that they've visited that they've accessed through Google. So the longer that they spend on that page, the better that Google rank that search.

So if you have a video on your homepage, for example, that will usually increase the amount of time that somebody spends on that page and will get you a big tick from Google.

By having a video on your homepage it really helps to improve the user's experience by delivering a large amount of information in a relatively short space of time in a visually engaging way.

Which not only makes it easy for your audience to consume that content but most importantly, remember it and remember you.

Our price guide

Whilst every project is unique and is priced accordingly. Having a rough indication of costs can help to save you time in your decision making process. This guide provides information on the different videos that we produce and their respective costs.

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