The corporate video space can be a little… uninspiring. In fact, the phrase ‘corporate video’ probably needs to be launched directly into the sun.
Which is why, back in the heady days of 2014, three northern brothers decided enough was enough. We had all the tools, bags of ideas, and a love for telling proper stories.

Little did Mum and Dad know that they’d birthed a video production supergroup. And we hit the ground running when our first client —a little-known brewery called Heineken— decided they were sick of ‘same old same old’ and took a punt on the upstarts.

Born in the north.

Telling tales all
around the world.
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From that humble York basement to shoots all over the world, we’re making our clients realise they can tell captivating stories that people aren’t gonna pause, skip, or swipe off the screen.
We’ve grown a bit now, with tons of new talent. But we’re still hungry, still upsetting apple carts, and still not resting on our laurels.

Didn’t ask for the life story? Sound, here’s the poster quote: We don’t just make great looking video, we solve your problems creatively. This is content that brings in business and keeps eyeballs on your brand—with an ROI that’ll make even the grumpiest FD crack a smile.

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You’ll find honesty, creativity, collaboration and northern charm sewn into everything we do. We’re prepared for anything, and our day ends when you’ve got what you need and everyone sees just how interesting your story can be.

We like our people the way we like our cinema: smart, punchy and packed with ideas. (And with a minimum of explosions.)

  • Joe Sherwood Creative Director

  • Paul Sherwood Business Development Director

  • William Sherwood Technical Director

  • Chris West Video Director

  • George Bartlett Editor

  • Jake Tuft Producer

  • Michael McClay Client Success Manager

  • Steven Pickett Video Director

  • Nicole McAskill Marketing Manager

  • Kaya Mitchell Editor

  • Max Tierney New Partnerships Manager


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