Producing videos ain’t cheap. Sorry, but it’s true. Good thing we know ways to make the most of the opportunity and make your videos work harder for you!

After nearly a decade of producing top-class videos for our clients, we’ve picked up some lead-gen tricks and honed our processes to ensure we deliver the best value for our customers – here’s just a taste of what we’ve learnt…

Lead generation with video

The aim of any marketing efforts should be getting the audience to interact with your business. That’s how you generate leads that you nurture into customers.

Strong CTAs

A CTA or ‘Call to Action’ is what you ask your audience to do, like a link on a social post, or a button on an email. Whatever it is, it’s the next step on their journey to becoming a customer.

Making that Call to Action clear stops viewers from thinking ‘well, what do I do now?’ and getting distracted by something else.

Say you post a video, and the CTA asks people to call your sales line. Without the agent asking every caller where they heard about the business, you won’t be able to attribute your leads to the video that enticed them.

That’s why businesses use landing pages to capture leads’ information and continue nurturing them…

Landing Pages

Landing pages offer more info – more videos or info on the product – with an option to give their details for something of value. Maybe a discount code, e-book or anything that they’ll find useful in their buying journey.

Once that form’s filled, you’ve got their details for further emails, and as they interact more with your website, emails and social posts, you’ll have a better idea of when they’re ready for a sales conversation.

Going one step further, some video platforms like Vimeo, even allow you to add a data capture form into your videos, taking a step out of the process to increase the chances of them leaving their information. But no matter how you capture your leads’ info, you need to make sure you’re getting a return from that investment…

Return on Investment from video marketing

You wanna put some numbers to your video campaigns to prove they were worth the investment, that’s just common sense! But just like there’s more than one way to skin a cat (though please don’t), there’s also more than one way to increase the Return on Investment you get from your video marketing…

Conversion rate

Metrics like play counts and shares give you an idea of how popular your videos are, but that doesn’t link them to anything commercial. The metric you should be looking for is ‘conversion rate’.

You can work out a video’s conversion rate by taking the number of people that watched the video and dividing it by the number of leads you’ve gained from the video.

For example, if you post a video on LinkedIn linking to a Landing Page, you’d take the number of video views from LinkedIn and divide it by the number of people that left their details on the landing page – the closer that percentage is to 100%, the better.

This works great for lead generation, but if you were looking for straight sales, linking the video to an e-commerce page – it’d be sales (not leads) that you’d compare views against.

Now you’ve got an idea of how to compare your investment against the resulting value, it’s time you get the most out of your videos with a couple of nifty tricks!

Repurpose videos

Just because you’ve already sent a video out in the world, doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked!

Maybe you’ve got a demo video that you show potential customers – cutting that up into shorter chunks could make some great how-to videos, or social posts promoting specific features. The same goes for case studies too – cutting out positive soundbites and posting them can go a long way to building brand credibility and recognition.

Just make sure you’re thinking about the platforms you’re sharing them on. Some have different dimensions, and you don’t want your customers looking like they’ve been squished or stretched!

BOGOF – no, not you!

If you’ve got a big event coming up, you could use the opportunity to film some testimonials for the website, or invite one of your favourite partners to film a case study during a break at the event.

That way it’s almost like a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer! Obviously, there’s still two separate workflows for post-production, but it means less time filming, less organisation trying to get dates scheduled, and certainly helps lower the cost compared to filming them separately!

Hopefully, that’s given you some inspiration for how to get more from your video marketing efforts and make your money stretch further. But if you’re stuck for ideas or don’t know where to start, give us a shout, or download our Price Guide here.

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