With 78% of firms reporting difficulties filling roles (British Chambers of Commerce), now is the time to really make your company stand out.

How might you do that, we hear you ask?

Well, there’s a few options, but we (amongst many many others) of course recommend videos.

Job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without video, and have a 34% greater application rate (CareerBuilder).

Videos can help candidates determine if there’s a cultural fit – meaning they’ll self-qualify in or out, saving you time and money later down the recruitment process.

Not only are stories more engaging than facts or general written content, videos can help you stand out and differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

Show an introduction to your business, show why someone should want to work for you, but most of all, show employee testimonials.

Here’s a list of what you could include in your recruitment video (but be careful not to cram too much in – keep it concise and focused to keep viewers attention):

  • Include essential information such as; key business information, company values, culture
  • Employee testimonials – people want to be reassured that current employees think it’s a great place to work and not just the CEO
  • If the video is being used for a specific department, include team members from that department in the video so candidates can see who they might be working with
  • Include subtitles – 46% of visits to recruitment websites or job searching is done on mobile (Source), and most videos watched on mobile are often watched without audio. Which means subtitles are vital – 80% of viewers will watch the entire video if there’s captions (Source).

Once you’ve got your video ready, you can use it in the following places to aid your recruitment:

  • In the job posting on your website / external job listing site
  • Send the video via email as a step in your recruitment process – just in case the applicant hasn’t yet seen it, it’ll tell them a bit more about you!
  • On social media posts to promote job openings (this is also useful to show the wider industry a bit more about you – show off your amazing culture and fancy new video!)
  • Share with internal staff – whilst they’re not in the recruitment process, it doesn’t harm to remind them why you’re a great place to work

If you need some inspiration, check out our recruitment video for First Bus:

Or watch more videos on our portfolio page.

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