How Live Streaming Can Increase Engagement and Drive Additional Revenue

Author: Will Sherwood

Posted on: 16th March 2020


Live streaming can help you build trust with the online audience.

It allows you to speak to your audience directly and also encourages engagement. It's supposed to be unpolished and raw, and it needs to feel genuine.

Live streaming can be as cheap as you want it to be. And you have all the tools you need right in your pocket. You can get your phone out, open YouTube or Facebook, and start streaming.

Live streaming can work for an event in so many ways.

It can increase engagement, and also provide an additional revenue source if marketed well. It allows you to open up to a whole new audience, as the location is no longer a barrier.

However, if you want a more professional feel, you'll need more than a phone. You're not limited to one platform, either. You can stream from Instagram all the way to LinkedIn, which allows you to expand your reach. As well as being a great overall marketing tool, it can also lead to a direct increase in revenue.

If your event sells out fast, and there's more demand, you could stream your whole event online and then charge access to that stream, which effectively gives you unlimited tickets.

Sponsorship is huge at events, we've seen everything from lunches to co-rooms sponsored, so getting your live stream sponsored shouldn't be a problem.

The benefits are huge and the potential reach is massive.

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