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How to generate regular video content ideas

Coming up with fresh ideas for ongoing video content can be a struggle. To help, we’ve summarised the key tips from The Cutting Room Podcast episode above,  on how to prompt your creativity on a regular basis.

Do Your Research

Carry out keyword and competitor research to reveal topics with opportunities. Survey customers and employees directly to uncover their challenges and areas of interest. This will give you valuable insights to tailor your content to resonate with your audience.

Leverage Proven Creative Techniques

The podcast covered several proven ideation techniques that can help get you out of your normal thinking patterns and spark creativity:

  • The Walt Disney Method: This involves splitting into three distinct groups – the dreamers, realists, and critics. The dreamers first come up with ideas without any restrictions. Then the realists look at how to potentially turn those ideas into reality. Finally, the critics assess feasibility and potential pitfalls. This is a great technique for developing ideas for video marketing.
    • Once you’ve been through this method, you can also rotate the groups – it’ll help to see things from different angles.


  • Reverse Brainstorming: Instead of trying to come up with great ideas in a brainstorming session, ask people to come up with the worst or most crazy, unrealistic, ideas possible. You can then turn some of these ideas on their heads and some might just turn out to be the best idea.  


  • Time-Boxing: Strictly limit the time allowed to come up with ideas. Such as giving groups 10 minutes, or one hour depending on the exact task,  to come up with a list of ideas. The time limit brings focus, energy and urgency, which in turn prevents overthinking and hesitation.


These techniques force you to stretch your perspectives, promote rapid ideation, and get those creative juices flowing.


Focus on Telling Stories

Compelling stories connect with people. If you’re struggling to think of stories that you have to tell, ask long-serving staff. They might have some tales from over the years that align with your company values in an authentic way. For example, if you’re doing a recruitment video and you have multi-generational employees – get them on the video. What better way to show you’re a great place to work than generations of one family all working at the same place? 


Gather the Right Team


Creativity thrives through collaboration. In an idea generation session, ensure you have complementary skill sets, a willingness to listen, and a willingness to abandon ideas.

The time pressure we mentioned earlier can help with abandoning ideas – it means you’re quicker to say no and move on to the next. 

Foster an “Always On” Ideas Culture

The key here is setting up environments and workflows that spark creativity, encourages sharing ideas, and provides structure to channel ideas into feasible video content concepts. With some solid strategies in place, your team can keep the inspired ideas flowing week in and out.

If you missed some episodes, you can watch them below:


If you like the sound of these tips, and want to know how you could be making the most out of your video project, give us a shout.

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