How You Can Make Video Work Harder For You

Author: Joe Sherwood

Posted on: 6th February 2020


Hi my name's Joe Sherwood I'm one of the directors here at Seven. In this video, I wanna show ya how you can make your videos work harder for you.

Businesses are realizing that to really see the potential of video and to really see a good return on investment they need to be posting content regularly. And I almost think that is what puts people off sometimes about dipping into the world of video because it can almost feel a bit overwhelming with the sheer amount of content that you have to produce consistently.

This is why I think that repurposing your own video content you've already got, it takes a lot of that stress away and it helps you to make your videos work a lot harder for you.

There're many different ways in which you can repurpose your video content and the first one I wanna touch on is turning videos into blogs. Take this video, for example, we can quickly put this through some transcription software and it will essentially turn this video into text format. And what you've got there is a really good basis for a blog.

So what you're left with is a really versatile piece of content that can be used across a number of different platforms to a variety of different target audiences.

Another thing you can do with repurposing ya content is utilizing Facebook and Instagram's stories. Currently, a third of Facebook's 1.56 billion users are consuming or creating Facebook stories so if you can tap into that you get to reach a whole new audience that just wouldn't see it on the news feed.

In summary, I think repurposing your own existing video content is just a brilliant way of saving you time, money and resource and really allow you to see a good return on investment on video content that you already have. In the spirit of repurposing video content off the back of this video I'm gonna create a downloadable resource that I can share with you guys to give you my top seven tips on how to repurpose your video content. So it becomes a really versatile tool within your marketing arsenal?

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