Who is your favourite Northern Storyteller?

Emily Brontë

Why are they your favourite?

Emily Brontë wrote one of my favourite novels, Wuthering Heights. She wrote the novel using a male pseudonym, and although the it is now considered a piece of classic literature, she died a year after its publication.

When did you first discover or hear about this Northern Storyteller?

My mum and sister loved the book and often watched the film adaptation from the 1930s. Although it was a long time before I finally read the novel, I remember being struck by how powerful and passionate the language was.

What one questions would you ask them if you could meet them in person?

Emily Brontë supposedly wrote a second novel, but the manuscript was never found, so I would ask her about that!

If you could spend a day with your favourite Northern Storyteller, what would you do?

Emily Brontë died long before she could know the extent of the fame she achieved, so I would take her to the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Howarth, which celebrated the lives and achievements of all three Brontë sisters.

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