Who is your favourite Northern Storyteller?

Alex Turner

Why are they your favourite?

I think for me the reason why he’s my favourite is because of his lyric style in particular on the Arctic Monkey’s debut album, it’s so observational and direct. And i’d never heard anything like it before, full of clever witty lines that depict pretty much every single night out you’ve ever had and what it’s like growing up as a teenager in the North.


His gave me the same feeling I had when first watching the kitchen sink dramas from the 50’s and 60’s. I’ve always loved that realism in films and music.

When did you first discover or hear about this Northern Storyteller?

I first got into them around the age of 16/17 and just instantly fell in love.

What one question would you ask them if you could meet them in person?

The one question I would ask is, what is your process for writing a song?

If you could spend a day with your favourite Northern Storyteller, what would you get up to?

Write and record a song together.

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