The importance of a brand video

Author: Joe Sherwood

Posted on: 11th November 2019


What is a brand video? Well what a brand video isn't, is a video that just covers the benefits and features of your product or service.

What a good brand video should do is showcase why you do what you do, why do you get up in the morning, what impact do you want to have on the world.

Your potential customers should feel like they relate to your brand as they share the same aspirations and values that you do as a company.

A good brand video should make a genuine connection with its audience. Nike are a fantastic example of this. What they essentially do is sell sportswear, yet, in their brand videos, they're selling you a lifestyle, a mindset. They showcase athletes at the top of their game to inspire you to push yourself to reach your goals, and that their products will help you get there. What Nike don't do is show you all the features and benefits of, say, their new football boots.

There's a time and place for product videos, and that's much further along in the customer's journey. So I believe there's three things that are really important when creating your own brand video.

And that is to be authentic, create a connection with your audience, and finally, do something bold. Think outside the box. So I think the first point of being authentic is really important.

The word authentic gets banded around a lot these days. It's crucial that you don't pretend to be something that you're not. Your customers will ultimately see through this, if not at first, then later down the line, which is only gonna cause you problems.

So the second point I wanted to mention is to create a genuine connection with your audience. So what you need to do is think of a narrative that is gonna resonate with your viewer. So tell a story that is gonna make your audience think, "Yeah, that's me! "That's what I believe in. "And this is the company for me."

And then finally, do something different. Be bold, get creative. If you've not seen the Dollar Shave Club's video that went viral in 2012, then I'd absolutely recommend watching it.

It's a perfect example of doing something different, and in fact, it generated 12,000 orders within the first 48 hours of being released. Look, I'm not saying go out there and copy this video, but take inspiration from it. What can you do that nobody else is doing in your field.

So to wrap up, when you come to create your own brand video, just think, have you been authentic, have you created a connection with your audience, and have you been bold, have you tried something different?

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