Why Video Is A Key Tool For Event Marketing

Author: Paul Sherwood

Posted on: 9th March 2020



So here at Seven, we've produced event videos at well in excess of over 100 events over the last few years, so the purpose of today's video is to really share those experiences and hints and tips that event marketers may find useful.

So when creating a promo video for an upcoming event, it doesn't always have to cost the earth, there are ways in which to keep those costs down.

You can repurpose existing video content from last year's event, just by adding the details for this year's event and suddenly you've got brand new promo at very little cost.

Sponsors are crucial for any event as they provide a lot of revenue. Video can be used to make the event a much more attractive proposition to those sponsors. So one thing that we came up with is to create a series of sponsor packages to sponsors and exhibitors, it's a more cost-effective way for them to capture video content at the event, as they're not having to outlay the whole cost of a film crew.

If you were to sell a certain amount of those packages, you can actually recoup a lot of those video costs back and in some ways, it can actually form an additional revenue stream for that event, and actually, you can make a profit on it.

By having a lot of clients at an event, you can capture a lot of testimonial content from them, which you can use for various other forms of marketing throughout the year, and that actually saves you having to go around and film different pieces of content with them which would cost a lot more money in the long run.

It's all about maximizing the people that you've got in the room and capturing that content and thinking forward for how you can use that in future marketing. Eventbrite is one of the major players in the event industry, they did a report last year, and in that report, they found that only three percent of people that use video for their event marketing didn't find it an effective tool.

So that's a staggering 97% of people that did.

So in summary, video is a key tool when marketing your event. The main things to consider are how you can maximize the content you already have, how you can maximize the people that you've got in the room, and how you can maximize what opportunities there are in the future.

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