In this episode of The Cutting Room, we discuss how to build a brand in eight weeks, with James Blackburn, VP of Product Marketing at Cyberight. 


Creating and launching an impactful brand in less than two months may seem unachievable, but with proper planning and resource allocation, hitting shorter timelines can be done. This episode covers some tips you can use to build your brand quickly. 


Set Clear Objectives

Define what your desired business outcomes are. This focuses efforts and helps speed up decision-making throughout the process. These objectives could be to modernise the brand, enhance the perceived quality of a brand, or even connecting with a new target audience. 


Construct a Realistic Budget 

Research your ‘dream’ rebranding scenario – including branding, web, video, signage and merchandise, and price it up. 

Then, work backwards with leadership to prioritise the must-haves, and cut out any nice-to-haves until it aligns with the original budget you set out. You want to find a balance between avoiding overspending, but also ensuring you don’t cut corners on critical elements. 


Find External Specialists

Leverage experienced agencies where you can – it’ll speed up the execution and likely the quality of the outcome. You could use external suppliers for visual identity, Tone of Voice work, and website or digital assets.

Your internal marketing team can then focus on the operational implications of the re-brand, and plan for internal or external communications. 


Set a Firm Deadline

Working backwards from a fixed go-live date forces decisions quickly. It also makes it easier to coordinate aspects like system updates, building signage, emails and the various other moving parts! Sync as much as possible for launch day to ensure everything will go live as planned.


Communicate Proactively

Brief leadership and staff early on, with the “why” behind the new brand, and “what to expect” throughout the process. 

In terms of your key customers, it might be useful to meet face to face with them pre-launch, to reassure them in advance of the new brand and answer questions they might have about any changes. 


By extensively planning, decisive action and communication throughout, it is possible for marketers to build brands in such a short period of time.


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