How to build a world class Sales and marketing team

July 9, 2024


In this episode of The Cutting Room podcast, we explore the essential elements of building a world-class sales and marketing team with Mark Curtis-Wood, who’s entering his 40th year in Sales and Marketing.

Here’s some of the key strategies Paul and Mark discussed throughout this episode:

Align Your Team With Business Objectives

Creating a world-class team starts with ensuring everyone is moving in the same direction.

To do this, regularly communicate your company goals to your sales and marketing team. That way, they can collaborate with each other to create cohesive strategies to reach the wider business goals. 

You could even have quarterly alignment sessions to ensure your marketing efforts are serving the business goals.

Cultivate High-Performance Habits

A world-class team is built on a foundation of excellence and continuous improvement.

By implementing training programs, you can develop high-performing habits across your team. 

Alongside that, if you set clear performance expectations and encourage a culture of accountability and results-driven action, you’re more likely to see your team performing well and hitting the goals you’ve set.

Adopt a Scientific Approach to Sales

Growth Data-driven decision making is vital for world-class sales and marketing teams.

Implement a robust data collection and analysis process, and then leverage these analytics to inform both sales strategies and marketing campaigns. 

Not every business is tracking the relevant metrics, but if you are, it means you can start to track back and see what’s worked, or what hasn’t, so you know what you need to replicate going forward.

Implement Effective Measurement Systems

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. 

World-class teams have robust systems for tracking performance.

Establish relevant KPIs for both sales and marketing efforts, and regularly review these performance metrics. If you set these baseline parameters, the person then knows if they’re improving or not. 

You have to ensure that the metrics are ones that the business wants to measure (and is inline with the business objectives), and the individuals are comfortable being measured on.  

Building a world-class sales and marketing team is an ongoing process that requires dedication, strategic thinking, and a willingness to adapt.


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