How to drive traffic to your website

April 24, 2024

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In this episode of The Cutting Room, we discuss how to get more visitors to your website, with Alex Gregory, from Another Concept.

Here’s some tips from Paul’s conversation with Alex that every Marketing Manager should keep in mind.

Create a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

You’ll no doubt hear this time and time again, but it really does pay off.

When you embark on a marketing strategy, you need to have a clear idea of who your customers are, and what makes them tick.

Create personas for your target audience, so you can clearly identify who the customers are that you’re trying to reach, and what their key pain points and preferences are.

You can then ensure your website’s messaging, imagery and overall value proposition are tightly aligned with your target audience. Your brand propositioning and content will then resonate with the people you’re aiming to attract.

Create relevant content, but don’t over-rely on AI-Generated content

Once you know who you’re creating your content for, make sure it’s relevant to them.

Provide the best answer or content you can for people.

This is where using AI might not benefit you – if it provides lower quality content that isn’t as relevant to your audience, it’s not going to benefit your business, as Google is now trying to detect low-quality content and remove it from search results.

So the key here is to leverage AI, perhaps to improve efficiency, or help with idea generation for content, but make sure you focus on creating original, high-quality content that really benefits your audience.

“It’s not just keyword oriented anymore”

As Alex says in the podcast, there’s so many other things you need to think about to attract visitors to your website. It’s not just keywords.

Make sure you’re considering a range of traffic acquisition strategies – like distributing your content elsewhere and linking back, social media and leveraging emerging platforms to reach new audiences.

And as we mentioned above, if you’re ensuring your content is relevant to your audience, and is providing engaging and informative content, Google and other search engines, are likely to reward you.

Leverage video as a tool

Video can be used to build trust, showcase your products or services, and drive conversions – especially for higher-consideration or value purchases

It can help communicate your value proposition in an engaging, visual format that can have a much better impact than static text or images alone. Especially if your offering requires more explanation or perhaps a demonstration to show it’s value.

As Alex says, “The key is to focus on being user-centric rather than just search engine-centric” – make sure you’re providing value, and you can’t go too far wrong!


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